About WEBA

What sets us apart is our vast experience with transfer chutes, our total commitment to quality and an engineering design philosophy that is innovative and technology-focused.

Whereas conventional chutes include and are similar to the "Hood & Spoon" design, the WEBA Transfer Chute is designed differently to overcome some of the traditional problems of material transfer.

Our designs allow better control flow, reducing wear significantly. Best of all, WEBA chutes are 80 per cent maintenance free and significantly reduce spillage and degradation of material.

During the early 1990s WEBA International conducted a comprehensive study into the negative and cost-incurring aspects of conventional chute design and then set about designing a transfer chute which would eliminate these problems.

The result led to the birth of the WEBA Transfer Chute System – a patented, streamlined, scientific approach to the dynamics of bulk materials handling at transfer points.

To date, WEBA has engineered and delivered more than 3,500 customised transfer chutes worldwide.

Regardless of belt speed, belt width, material size, shape or throughput, the WEBA Transfer Chute System markedly eliminates the problems associated with conventional transfer chutes.

It provides an effective, cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to material transfer.

Benefits of WEBA Transfer Chutes include:

  • Decrease the current percentage of degradation by up to 80%
  • Up to 80% maintenance free
  • Reduction in wear of up to 80%
  • Greatly reduced spillage
  • No uneven belt loading
  • No skirting required
  • Multiple belt loading capability
  • Reduction in noise and dust pollution
  • Easy access to transfer chute due to effective design
  • No impact idlers required under transfer chute
  • Overrun storage facility
  • Maximum belt capacity usage
  • Increased design safety