WEBA was formed nearly a quarter of a century ago when German engineer, Werner Baller, arrived in South Africa with little more than a degree and plenty of passion and purchased a small company called M&J Engineering.

At the time, in 1984, M&J Engineering was a small mining support company specialising in underground coal mining equipment.

But Baller transformed it. He was a visionary who recognised the needs of the mining industry, inventing the WEBA Chute System concept which is today widely regarded as one of the best transfer chute systems in the world.

During the early 1990s the company conducted a comprehensive study into the negative and cost-incurring aspects of conventional chute design and then set about designing a transfer chute which would eliminate these problems.

The result led to the birth of the WEBA Transfer Chute System – a patented, streamlined, scientific approach to the dynamics of bulk materials handling at transfer points.

Baller devised the acronym WEBA combining the first two letters of his Christian name and surname. It quickly became synonymous with M&J Engineering, with workers on mine sites often calling out, ‘The WEBA boys are here!’ giving rise to the WEBA brand as it is now best known.

Today, WEBA’s 300 odd talented employees – including engineers, designers, planners, draftsmen, procurement and management professionals along with WEBA’s in-house manufacturing staff and site maintenance personnel – serve hundreds of clients in more than 10 countries around the world.

The company has established offices in South Africa, Australia and the USA which are dedicated to providing transfer chute solutions globally, delivering products to Europe, Asia, Australia, South Africa and the USA and to emerging markets in South America.